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dominoes-falling-down-552My name is Rhonda. I do the daily dispatch for Eagle Marsh Luxury Limousine among the other hats I wear. This blog is all about the chaos of dispatch and the perpetual motion of running a limo company. Some days we laugh, ALOT and other days…..well lets just say we discuss the fact that it is ALWAYS 5pm somewhere.

We have 13 cars and 18 drivers, and 3 of us in the office. That’s 56 tires, 21 personalities and don’t get me started on the customers and their peculiarities that we encounter daily. The best part of all of this is that I LOVE IT! I wouldn’t trade not one moment of that chaos for a different role. The office is portable, 90% of the business runs from my laptop and an iPhone, which I refer to as the Bat Phone. I go through withdrawals when I am told to take a day off. My friend S thinks I need an intervention!

Take yesterday for example. It was a busy day, the first runs were at 4am and the last run ended at 2am today. In the people moving business, a day like this usually means moving about 250-275 people from point A to point B. Lots of planning goes into the dispatch for a day like this, timing the cars between airports, the actual flight arrivals and of course the biggest juggling act, the drivers! If you have ever set dominos in a sequence so when you knock the first one over and the rest fall, you can get an idea of what a single late arrival can do to my dispatch…………

So now that I have introduced myself and what I do stay tuned into A Day in the Life of Dispatch for stories, laughs and chaos!